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 Why choose carbon fiber material
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carbon fiber
strengthening armor plate SS-41
intensity 3500MPa/mm2 210MPa/mm2
Ply 0.15mm 3mm、6mm
density 1.8g/cm3 7.8g/cm3
monolayer intensity 525N/mm MN 630、1260N/mm MN
pin up range ofapplication The resisting curved, resisting and cutting, resisting to press of the component is strengthened, the antidetonation of the structure system is strengthened, and build the reinforcement of body structure and timber structure . Only limited to resisting curved , resisting and cutting strengthening of the concrete component of Jing's strength state.
pin up harmony Material is it it tears to be good to resist, can join with the base material closely, harmony is superior . The whole rigidity of the stencil plate is too strong, it is bad to resist the performance of tearing, and the component association is bad
Length and joining The length does not restrict , join it conveniently, it is apt to cross. The length is limited, join the trouble , can't report to the leadship after accomplish it and use .
deadweight Extremely light, hardly increase the structure to load. Heavy, may influence structure .
Constructing and operating and cycle Does not need to unload, does not need to support , it is simple and easy to operate, the cycle of constructing is relatively short. Need unloading, need supporting , it is inconvenient to operate, it is long.
Damage to the original structure Do not need to hole and install the anchor bolt , has not damaged the original structure Need to hole and install the anchor bolt .
beautiful The top layer color is similar to the concrete and not increase the section . Need to apply paint antirust paint and section with a brush to increase.
Ability of prevention of corrosion Able to bear the strong acid alkali , does not need to protect extraly 。 Need to increase and protect extraly 。
Cost performance There are perfect products systems, the low comprehensive cost of end products has already been lower than glueing the steel , the advanced products do not have but the object of reference 。 Up to the increase of the cost of labor, the competitiveness is dropping 。
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