Stitch bonded fabric and basketwork structure
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¡¡Stitch bonded fabric and basketwork structure£º
¡¡A basketwork B Stich bonded fabric

It is superior to weaving things sewing the draw performance of weaving the thing.

¡¡¡¡The carbon fibre fabric in Wellington strengthens the material department and adopts the fibre material of high-quality carbon and advanced warp knitting technology to process into, can guarantee that the fabric makes the carbon fibre keep even tension in the course of making . Can apply to originally strengthen materials the reinforcement of the different types of rridges and building, the products are of good performance, quality is steady. Because of adopting warp knitting technology, products have surface felts of a layer of glass fibre , can protect the carbon fibre and is not damaged in the course of using to the greatest extent , it is comparatively convenient to make the material use in constructing.
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