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Carbon fiber pin up trait

It is light to conduct oneself with dignity, can operate on the narrow and small space , it doesn't influence the house to use normally to construct

The intensity is high, can be used for resisting going back firmly curved, sealing the hoop and resisting and cut in a flexible way ;

Have flexibility , can wrap up the component of the complicated appearance ;

It suitable for various kinds of component surface (roof beam, post, ventilate tube, pipeline, wall of);

Resist alkali wait for chemistry corrode and abominable environment (whether itself environment- friendly);

Can re-utilize the fabric ;

The fabric is covered and levelled;

It is small to equipment influence;

Store longe-livedly , allow to operate time limit long;

And finish government's having moisture to all allow the environment before operating , operate;

High strength , high mould amount binder ;

Sill can concrete, build body structure , timber structure ,etc. what large structure building materials;

Resist the high temperature;

Resist the creep under the function of loading for ever;

Resist and denude and antidetonation is of good performance;

Touch and change the sex and exchange the dissolving, accord with the environmental protection request.

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