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 Carbon fiber pin up mode

 The carbon fibre resists and strengthens curved roof beam , board  
  The concrete is pasted the carbon fibre or strip in Wellington by the dough pulled into strips for noodle
  Adds the U hoop or layers horizontally in a slice of material end of fibre

 Carbon fibre resist and cut strengthening to roof beam , post
  Seal and twine and paste , paste Uly , one pair of L boards is pasted Uly, the side glueing Stick to , paste the additional anchor Uly firmly


 The antidetonation to the post and post of carbon fibre is strengthened
  Improve the axial of the post and bear the weight of strength
  Improve post Hangzhou and cut the strength of bearing the weight of
  It is the ductility which increases the post that the antidetonation of the post is strengthened

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