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¡¡ Stitch bonded nonwoven cloth£º

Products trait£º
¡¡ Is it is it is it spin cloth to do law have first kind to spin cloth to have to arrange to sew, sew the law of arranging and utilize coil structure of warp knitting to the fine network , yarn layer , spin and weave material (for example plastic thin slice , plastics thin metal screen ,etc. ) or their assembly strengthen, in order to make spinning cloth. So have high , the heat resistance is good , advantage of the respect that the hydroscopicity is low , wear-resisting and of good performance , is able to bear and only of good performance and corrosion-resistant ,etc. with good elasticity of intensity.

cross type
cross type
parallel type
parallel type

Range of application£º

¡¡ Widely for clothing shoes-making , family expenses decorate , industrial cloth ,etc. produce and each field that live a products that company produce life.

Shoes material and sports goods cloth£º
Sports shoes and sports goods mend strong strong cloth department that respect use quarry pairs of yarn cross the designs of lines, more wear-resisting than the cloth of the general form yarn straight line, the pulling force can be borned by it and blowing up higher.
Office chair cloth£º
This product surface pattern broke through the restriction of the single color in the past, could make lively color change on the line in bottom of the cloth and yarn, it has three-dimensional effects that it is flatter than the ones that generally use too to weave cotton cloth after process specially, can match the furniture association of other offices .
Suitcase cloth£º
This product is applied to the suitcase and made, not only the quality is light, have many kinds of pattern at your choice at the same time, cooperating with the original design eyes to do the color to match in bottom cloth and yarn, the special law of weaving is the mask three-dimensional effect of the cloth, it is elegant in appearance to make the suitcase.
Standing upright type three-dimensional curtain colth£º
This curtain cloth can need to change the daylighting angle at the same time , and apt to be clean. Suitable for large-scale office and floor doors and windows, person who stand upright three- dimensional curtain cloth have many kinds of pattern and color is it mount design at wholly to cooperate, beautify life and working environment .
Cleanness cloth£º
This product adopts the high hydroscopicity material, make beautiful and practical clean cloth through designing meticulously, suitable for all any cleanness of every family , not merely use and can do in an expert way , can be promoted the quality of modern's life by the little place .
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Homespun fabric
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