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¡¡ Glass fiber cloth£º

Product trait£º
¡¡ The glass fibre sews and weaves things and is also called the knitting felt or woven felts, it has already been different from the ordinary fabric , different from the felt of the common meaning too. Most typical seam weave thing whether one warp overlap with a layer of wooves together, through is it is it weave and become fabric warp and woof together to arrange to sew. Sew the advantage of weaving the thing as follows £º
It can increase glass fibre reinforced plastic layers of limit tensile strength to shut products, is it take off layers of intensity and bending strength to resisting under the tension; ¢ÚLighten the weight of the glass fibre reinforced plastic products;
It makes the glass fibre reinforced plastic surface smooth that the surface is levelled £»
Simplify hands to paste and operate, raise labour productivity. The enhancement material can in is it crowd law replace former silk felt in succession among the glass fibre reinforced plastic and RTM to draw, can also produce China and replace check cloth in the glass steel tube of at odds with the community or the leadership law .


Sew and arrange and
compound the fabric


Sew and arrange and
compound the fabric
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