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Sewn the fabric to the carbon fibre only

Sewn the fabric to
the carbon fibre only

The single latitude is to the
carbon fibre fabric

Sew and weave things
to the carbon fibre more


Two-way sweet-smelling
black silk ribbon
plain weave fabric

Two-way sweet-smelling black silk ribbon twill fabric
Two-way carbon fibre fabric


Product introduce:
  The carbon fibre cloth is used in resisting and drawing , resisting and cutting strengthening with antidetonation of the structure component, this material and related adhesive are used together, can form intact performance remarkable strengthening the system with the firm carbon fibre cloth material . This system is suitable for the roof beam , post , board , tunnel, round , arc etc..

Product trait:

  Light、small wanton length
  Of thickness , avoiding joining that conduct oneself with dignity.
  It is convenient for the material not to need
  processes of preparatory cut, needn't pressurize ing and jack-up
  Extremely high intensity
  The outstanding one resists fatigue ability
  Resist the alkali , resist rottenly , resist the acid
  It is light to conduct oneself with dignity , can operate on the narrow and small space , does not influence the house normally while constructing Use
  To be intensity high, can flexible to use for resisting curved , sealing the hoop and resisting and cutting strengthening
  Have flexibility , can wrap up the component of the complicated appearance
  It suitable for various kinds of component surface (roof beam, post, ventilate tube, pipeline, wall of)
  Resist alkali wait for chemistry corrode and abominable environment (whether itself environment-friendly)
  Can re-utilize the fabric
  The fabric covering and levelling
  Store longe-livedly , allow to operate time limit long
  High , high mould amount binder of intensity
  The sill can be the concrete , a lot of structure building materials of building body structure , timber structure etc.
  Resist the creep under the function of loading for ever.
  Anticorrosive and ruggedized and of good performance
  Touch and change the sex and exchange the dissolving, accord with the environmental protection request




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